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​"People are always very friendly in xian"

Date: 2015-12-10

"Xi" anisagreatcity!"Yesterday, a large documentary film "revolution witnesses: Helen foster snow" director dodge BiLin, le a line at the eighth route army in xian office visited the snow special exhibition, the director of constantly praise "xian xian city protection is very good, people are friendly."
This is the second time the dodgers BiLin, le to xi 'an, for the first time in 2001 documentary "revolution witnesses: Helen foster snow" the premiere ceremony for Chinese version in xi 'an.Dodge BiLin, told reporters, the 55 minutes documentary film, the film crew in the footprint of the Helen trip, successively to xi 'an, yan 'an, Beijing, Shanghai and other places on the field interview, interviewed many historical witness.In xi 'an scenes including zhang xueliang mansion, xiking hotel, near the drum tower of stone zi lu and his lot came out northward.According to introducing, eight do from showing the film since 2007, there have been tens of people watched the film.
"Xi 'an has changed a lot, at the same time protect the city very well."Talk about feelings of xi 'an, dodge BiLin, le said, although he only spent a few days in xi 'an, but hui street, city wall, bell tower and other scenic spots have you visited, "and compared to around 2000, xi 'an has increased a lot of beautiful new buildings, but the walls, drum tower, such as preserved very well, and there is no change than ever before, form contrast to let a person feel very enjoy."
"I've been to many cities, xi 'an is one of my favorite city."Dodge BiLin, le xian constantly praise, compared with shopping sites, like for a walk in the street, look at the appearance of Chinese life, xi 'an, people are always very friendly, the night before he and his wife ask passers-by in the street a lot of irrelevant questions, but people are always very enthusiastic to answer."As the starting point of the silk road, xi 'an and the western United States, have a lot of mystery, hope to xi 'an will be better and better."