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Xi 'an bus added 42 local train routes

Date: 2015-12-10

Report from our correspondent (reporter Song Jie intern Liu Ziwei) recently air quality pollution is serious, the city has been launched heavy pollution weather emergency response.Yesterday, reporters learned from the city public transport corporation, xi 'an bus department will strengthen the match, increase the range and big station express train lines, convenient people travel convenience.
It is understood that the city bus corporation in order to strengthen the management of the car for three measures: single class vehicles drive early at 7 o 'clock after 40 minutes of vehicles out ahead of time, safeguard capacity during the morning rush.Both the first 30 minutes drive time delay to 4 PM, peak capacity later increase;Bus in the morning rush operating again after routine maintenance;Company practical dispatching center closely line passenger flow, timely to add local train, evacuate passengers waiting.
During the fog haze weather, the city bus corporation plan to arrange 6386 bus every day online operations, according to the main road traffic situation, morning and evening rush hour opened via Gao Xinlu, science and technology, changle road, west shadow road, changan road, xianning road and gate tower, a small village, soil, railway stations and other major hubs of local train article 42.At the same time, in the morning and evening peak period opened 313, 308, 312, 261, 240 road, five big station express trip for citizens to provide convenient conditions.