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Made outstanding contributions for building peace in xi 'an

Date: 2015-12-10

Report from our correspondent (reporter Gu Rong) yesterday afternoon, city federation of trade unions awarded wang yong police room and Hao Shiling level police room innovation studio, inspire them to give full play to the role of a model innovation studio, lead and inspire the enthusiasm of the broad masses of workers in the city, in order to promote the city's economic and social development made new again.
In advance to create a model innovation in the process of the studio, the zhuhai public security system emerge out of the chamber and wang yong police police room Hao Shiling level, their innovation and strengthen social governance, one of the leading enterprises in the national public security system, its advanced deeds in the provinces and cities, the country has a strong social influence, for the construction has made a great contribution to the peace of xi 'an.Among them, wang yong police office under the national labor model wang yong, from the construction team, build "fence", grasp the propaganda, education, often night cruise in five aspects, the innovation of community policing, a prominent community into the one of both the lowest in the city community, and create the "diligent, responsible, love" execution of work, and in his name to the police, who won the ministries and agencies police room, etc.Hao Shiling level, with the help of police office in the national labor model Hao Shiling innovation develops a "1 + 3" (to the public security as the main body, the business enterprise, community, network three platforms) comprehensive administration of social management mode and so on 10 counts of community policing management service mode, set up 80 working parameter, the area under its jurisdiction 148 detached wing with nine power to change information, grid, dynamic management, has won provincial and municipal outstanding community policing.
Through the "xi 'an worker (model) innovation studio management approach (trial)" after examination, city federation of trade unions decide named after the two labor model innovation studio.
In recent years, city federation of trade unions over municipal government work deployment, and the xi 'an people's government of promoting public entrepreneurship guidance of peoples innovation spirit, give full play to the model and the role of skilled talents, actively create the worker in the enterprise in the city (model) innovation studio activities.At present, the city's total of five provincial model worker named innovation studio, named after the city worker (model) innovation studio 10 enterprises create studio 150 worker (model) of innovation, innovation workshop more than 20000 members.