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"Eight water embellish xian" engineering new this year, 2823 mu ecological water

Date: 2015-12-10

Report from our correspondent (reporter kevinbales) yesterday, reporter learned from the municipal water department that by the end of November, "eight water embellish xian" project this year new wetland ecological water 2823 mu, 2823 mu, accounting for 100.82% of the annual task, respectively, 100.82%, full-year target task one month in advance.
"Eight water embellish xian" project is one of the xi "an" five key work ", since this year, zhuhai overcome many disadvantage factors, to strengthen the project supervision, social investment and financing mode innovation, great efforts to promote the huimin ecological project implementation, including new ishikawa river wetland, Ba Yan Liang district section nutrient-laden bridge lake wetland, the parrot temple, zi lake, such as 7 in ecological landscape, distributed in six counties in the city, has become the general public ecological a good place for leisure play.
City water ecological office director said that the city water ecological construction and protection work, based on the eight water embellish xi 'an planning, river system as the skeleton, with an emphasis on pool lake wetland, according to the construction of water and wastewater treatment of reclaimed water use for security, are out of a meets the needs of xi 'an water resources condition and the urban and rural development road of the ecology, the improvement of the water ecological environment is benefit all citizens.
We have learned, "eight water embellish xian" project more than three years, since the wei river comprehensive treatment, the moat demonstration section, action Ba lake national wetland park, Seoul, a large number of instrument zhijun lake "eight water embellish xian" engineering major projects has become the general public leisure play best place to go.
Since the launch of "eight water embellish xian" project in the city has 20957 mu, 9573 mu ecological water new wetland, calculated on municipal bureau of statistics at the end of 2014, 2014 urban population, per capita 2.41 square meters of new wetlands, ecological water 1.1 square meters.