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Xi 'an amazing changes

Date: 2015-12-10

Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Duan) 1 December solstice 5, shaanxi "shaanxi news broadcast" broadcast television programs for five consecutive days is focused on the "twelfth five-year" period in our city construction achievements, broadcast a total of nearly 20 minutes long five sets series feature films to the city changes - xi 'an ".
The facts: xi 'an amazing changes
The city changes - xian ", all the way from economy, environmental protection, people's livelihood, in five aspects, such as traffic comprehensive shows the great changes in xi 'an "twelfth five-year" period.
Economy to achieve "double cross", add power international metropolis.As the province's economic locomotive, xi 'an in the past five years, to keep the average of no less than 10% of high-speed growth, economy continuously achieve the double cross 400 billion yuan and 500 billion yuan.Reception tourist Numbers 13 major economic indexes such as to achieve "double".The per capita income of $10000, into the medium high income.
More measures and fog, "xi 'an blue" gradually becomes the new normal.Xi 'an through comprehensive ShiCe, demolition of coal-fired boiler 1243, four years is eliminated consists car 132000, ahead of the main 20 ZhengDun coal-fired boiler, coal yard, honeycomb briquet, the city party and government institutions consists four car completely reset, xi 'an air quality continues to improve, good days increased year by year, has stabilized retired from the national 74 key monitoring city 10, this year is expected to quit after 20.
Fill JiMinSheng "short board", and the people sharing development results.For the past five years, xi 'an insists on a fiscal spending and new financial "two 80%" is used to improve the livelihood of the people, has six times to improve the standard of urban and rural minimal needs, temporary assistance standards from the past up to 3000 yuan to 8000 yuan;Medical aid top line increased from 6000 yuan to 6000 yuan, the social security system constantly improved.366000 five years ahead of schedule to achieve rural poverty population out of poverty, the implementation of the people is to let people go to school, medical care, housing and other issues.
Create new starting point of the silk road, xi 'an more and more international norm.As a starting point in the silk road city, two years, xi 'an and 22 of the 24 cities set up sister city relationship;Silk road international arts festival and film festival, and other dozens of countries along the silk road tourism minister meeting international event held;Changan freight trains to achieve normalized operation, the goods destination throughout the five central Asian countries in 44 cities.
Rhythm of the xi 'an subway era, transportation is convenient and efficient.At present, the xi 'an subway has operating line of 51.9 kilometers, the traffic intensity per kilometer traffic passengers is ranked the second place.New start construction this year and next, xi 'an metro line 1 phase 2, line 5 issue, line 6 and line 9 (lintong line) a total of 4 lines.
Voice: sometimes with five concept interpretation of xi 'an development
Shaanxi xian broadcast television bureau stationmaster LanJinLong is the city changes - xi 'an "overall planning, he told a reporter, just a few short years to xi 'an urban environment more and more beautiful, residents living standards are rising steadily, it is this noticeable changes, has given rise to the birth of this series feature films.
At the beginning of the planning, LanJinLong led team through careful interviews, the theme is determined."Xi 'an as the capital city of shaanxi province, is the locomotive of economic development and the barometer, has very important economic status and political status, should stand at a higher Angle of xi 'an 'five-year' a panoramic review and comb, therefore, the whole planning no said xian xian, but standing in the entire province national, even at the point of view of the world to consider the change of xi 'an."
"Five topics respectively embodies the xi 'an innovation, harmonious and green, open, sharing the concept of development, industrial structure adjustment on economic innovation, reform, development and achievements on the livelihood of the people by the people, sharing, ecological decrease pollution haze green first, rail transit is the direct embodiment of urban coordinated development, One Belt And One Road is xian to the world issued a sincere invitation to open."LanJinLong said.
"The whole feature films in time lasted for five years in xian change, this is a dynamic process, is not an isolated events."LanJinLong said, "we are creative, with the latest news facts to extend the time dimension, the choice of every event has a representative, like samsung, industrial area of weihe river, the subway construction, is a development process. Each macro achievement in reading, from the micro perspective, the news be born to the most grass-roots story of the people, let people tell their personal experience and change, the most convincing."