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Xi 'an longhu picturesque life only watched you know

Date: 2015-12-10

, xi 'an longhu spend tree project is located in the south of the city space, a new town, is located in the southeast corner of the shenzhou four road and traffic and road cross, covers an area of 270 mu, total 800000 square, a total is divided into three period development, first phase covers an area of 70 mu, the volume rate is 2.92, there are 9 houses, 3 high-rise.Xi 'an longhu spend tree houses houses by hand.In the building and garden will remind people of simple rich pastoral life, from the hustle and bustle of the city and the impetuous, indulge in quiet nature, feel the gift to give his own life, to touch the real world, can not help but make people want to make fu poetry.
"Courtyard deep how much deeply, willow smoke, curtain without multiplicity" highlights the xi 'an longhu spend tree deep curtilage courtyard.Buildings, gardens, emotion, life, overlapping blend in a square yard, art, culture, history and precipitation was born here, hence the reliance on the courtyard and deep sentimentally attached.For modern urban people, traditional courtyard life away, let the courtyard become more valuable, and xi 'an longhu spend tree houses by hand, fit for the modern elite has created the most identity and aesthetics return living shape.
Go and see just please follow xi 'an longhu lake around work, see RuShiShiHua what life!